MISTURA PERU - The gastro-cultural 'fiesta'

Luciana Bianchi - 10/09/2011

(Press Report) Mistura has been consolidated in a few years as the largest food fair in Latin America and becomes increasingly international reputation. And it is not just a festival of food, but much more is a party where the Peruvians from various social, age, gender, no social distinctions we gather around our pots and cookers to celebrate our traditional cuisine, marvel at our creativity, to reaffirm our identity and celebrate our cultural diversity. In Peru, over the centuries, food has been associated with the Fiesta. It's on the occasion of the festivities, Inti Raymi, San Juan, Cruz Motupe, Lord Captive, Christmas, Easter and family celebrations (weddings, birthdays, christenings) have been prepared dishes using the best techniques and recipes that our guisanderas and cooks passed down from generation to generation. At parties and taverns in the traditional food has gone hand in hand with the music and social fraternization among Peruvians in the various strata. This is the spirit that dominates Mistura. The fair brings together the various actors in the chain cuisine of Peru: farmers, producers of pisco, cooks, bakers, food sellers, confectionery, huariques, restaurants, cooking schools, food processing companies. In Mistura pay special tribute to our mother earth.Nature has been generous with Peru. During their 7000 years of history, our country still offers one of the most fascinating planet pantries. And part of that wealth is due to the Peruvians. Respectful dialogue established with the Pachamama, with its geographic and climatic environments 85. That was the magic formula to have that variety of products that brings Mistura today at the Grand Market and are an integral part of Peruvian cuisine and world food supply. The richness of our cuisine is based on history and at the confluence of particular styles culinary and inputs from different regions of Peru. To this is added in the last 5 centuries the contribution of European tastes, Arabs, Africans, Chinese, and Japanese. The Peruvians have decided to tell the world how proud we are of our kitchen. But above all, we share the values ​​that mark our way: tolerance, respect, commitment to the environment and social responsibility. For Peruvians the kitchen is not an end but a means and becomes an instrument of inclusive development, cultural identity, development and social integration.

Mistura Peru: From 8th - 18th September 2011

At: Parque de la Exposicion de Lima

The list of international guest chefs is online now:


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