Signing "The Charter of São Paulo on Gastronomy and Sustainability"

Luciana Bianchi - 10/08/2011

The Charter of São Paulo on Gastronomy and Sustainability was signed at the MESA TENDÊNCIAS Congress during the MESA SÃO PAULO WEEK last year. More than 300 chefs, food professionals and activists, among the most prominent in Brazil and in the world, signed the 7 principles of a new awareness for responsible cuisine. We invite you to support these 7 principles that will help us to have a better life on our planet.

All new revolutions begin by word of mouth, and so we ask you to support by telling your friends, by visiting our facebook page and by signing the petition.

The Earth will thank you.

Chefs at the MESA SÃO PAULO WEEK last year

At a time when economic and political forces are unable to provide a response to demands by society for guidance for agricultural and industrial development as well as consumption and services, we need to work towards:
Decreasing emissions of gases that cause global climatic change; Reducing and managing waste; Maintaining and managing water resources; Recovering and sustaining forest resources; Preserving and valuing diversity, including the gastronomic culture of local communities; Protecting and using biodiversity in all biomes; Technical assistance for financing family production.

The following principles have been inspired and motivated by local and international initiatives, aimed at guaranteeing human civilization on a planet that can accommodate and sustain it. The following citizens, with professional, educational, cultural, social and hedonistic interests in gastronomy, have met to develop and promulgate worldwide, their commitment towards individual and collective responsibilities. 1. Know the food that we buy, process and eat. 2. Conserve the means and conditions of food provenance. 3. Preserve, enhance and promote the natural qualities of food, and its healthy use. 4. Use of all the food that we acquire. 5. Remunerate fairly the producers of food and the environmental services they provide to society. 6. Apply knowledge and innovative technology to enhance the diversity and quality of ingredients, and their use. 7. Honour and respect the act of eating and preparing food.The definitions of the above principles, and the development of guidelines for complying with each principle were suggested and discussed by those attending the MESA TENDÊNCIAS Congress during the MESA SÃO PAULO WEEK last year. This dialogue will continue, and is open to new participants.


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Luciana Bianchi is chef de cuisine and food writer, works as International Editor correspondent for the Brazilian gourmet magazine,Prazeres da Mesa, and contributes to several publications around the world.
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