50 Best Masterclasses 2020 – who to watch and when

Mark Sansom - 01/10/2020

As part of the 50 Best Recovery Summit that will run 13-15 October, 50 Best will host three online Masterclasses, premiered on Facebook, where a selection of the world’s best chefs, wine experts and bartenders will introduce you to the tricks of their respective trades. Packed with insider secrets and tips to cook and shake like a pro, you are invited to a series of sessions that will educate, inspire and entertain. Here’s everything you need to know

Kyle Connaughton Masterclass
Tuesday 13th October, 7pm (UK time)
Black cod marinated in shio koji; truffled rice porridge

Heading up restaurant SingleThread with his wife Katina, Connaughton has spent a lifetime honing an idiosyncratic cooking style that blends East with West. Their restaurant in Healdsburg, California, was the winner of the Miele One To Watch in 2018 and continues to go from strength to strength, pioneering a menu that features pristine Californian produce, cooked with techniques underpinned by Japanese philosophy. For this 50 Best Masterclass, Connaughton will show you how to cook authentic Japanese food at home, featuring the finest black cod, provided by Alaska Seafood and Burgundy truffles from specialist supplier Truffle Shuffle.

The Masterclass, livestreamed on Facebook, will be followed by a quickfire Instagram Live Q&A with Connaughton, where you will have the opportunity to ask him questions about the dishes he has just prepared and Japanese cooking on the whole.

Kyle Connaughton and his two Masterclass dishes: black cod marinated in shio koji and truffled rice porridge

Wine and Cocktail Masterclass
Wednesday 14th October, 6pm (UK Time)

Wine Masterclass

Led by British wine expert and gastronomy consultant Douglas Blyde, the opening section of the Drinks Masterclass will introduce you to the reasons behind the importance of using high-quality glassware. Blyde will let you into sommelier secrets and expert tips for tasting wine and how to enjoy your liquid meditatively. Using Nude’s latest Stem Zero collection, at 6pm (UK time) on Wednesday 14th October, Blyde invites you to join him in one of his favourite hostelries, London’s Connaught Bar, for an early-evening tipple and an education into the process behind selecting and caring for an excellent drop of wine.

Douglas Blyde readies a glass for his wine workshop

Cocktail Masterclass
Learn how to make cocktails with some of the world’s finest bartenders. Agostino Perrone, Giorgio Bargiani and Maura Milia from Connaught Bar, London, No.2 in The World’s 50 Best Bars 2019, mix up two delicious Scotch-based serves featuring The Dalmore whisky, giving you the secrets behind the techniques to make world-beating drinks. Andrea Gauldi from the acclaimed Maybe Sammy in Sydney, Australia makes two sustainability-focused drinks with Flor de Caña rum, while Krystian Hordejuk of Galaxy Bar, Dubai, produces a pair of fresh creations featuring Gin Mare.


Connaught Bar x The Dalmore – Whisky cocktails for any occasion
The Path – An after-dinner drink with heady spice and orange notes
Mediterraneo – Refreshing serve showcasing the best citrus of Italy

Maybe Sammy x Flor de Caña – A focus on sustainable drinks

One and Only – Sharing cocktail using all elements of the coconut
Second Chance – Single-serve drink incorporating discarded coffee grounds

Galaxy Bar x Gin Mare – Mediterranean food and cocktail pairing
M&T – Mare & Tonic – Twist on the classic imbued with fennel seeds and rose water
Soy de Mediterraneo – Take on a Dirty Martini with sauternes and soy brine


Andrea Gauldi of Maybe Sammy and Giorgio Bargiani of Connaught Bar will be shaking up a storm

Lennox Hastie Masterclass
Thursday 15th October, 10am (UK time)
Boneless rump cap; bone-in ribeye; Lion’s Mane mushroom; grilled cos and fennel salad

Hastie is one of global gastronomy’s rising stars. Employing a visceral cooking style that sees fire applied to excellent cuts of meat, his restaurant Firedoor in Sydney, Australia, is featured in the latest series of Chef’s Table, enlightening the world to the techniques and tastes that have seen Firedoor voted onto the 50 Best Discovery group of restaurants and bars.

As part of his Masterclass, Hastie will be preparing four dishes. He will be showing viewers how to grill two cuts of meat, one on the bone; one o­ff. A Westholme boneless rump cap will be followed by an international favourite: rib-eye on the bone. These will be accompanied by a salad of grilled cos lettuce, snap peas, baby fennel and fennel fronds, garnished with grilled lemon, arbequina olive oil and salt. Hastie will also prepare Lion’s Mane mushrooms grilled over apple wood embers, fresh pine needles and juniper.

The 50 Best Masterclass, livestreamed on Facebook, will be followed by a quickfire Instagram Live Q&A with Hastie, where you will have the opportunity to ask him questions about the dishes he has just prepared and barbecue cooking more widely.
Lennox Hastie will be showcasing his skills with the grill

Stay tuned over the next week as we reveal more details about the events and the speakers taking part in the 50 Best Recovery Summit.

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