How to apply for 50 Next 2022 – the global list of young people shaping gastronomy

Laura Price - 25/08/2021


Applications and nominations are now open for the second edition of 50 Next, which will shine a spotlight on the bright young minds across the globe transforming the food and drink world. Here’s how to apply…

Do you know one of those people who does epic stuff behind the scenes and never expects a jot of recognition? Are you one of those people building a brighter future by changing things in the food and drink world? If so, you might be eligible for the upcoming edition of 50 Next, a list of people all over the globe who are shaping the future of gastronomy.

Whether you’ve developed an app to help farmers waste less water or you’ve found a sustainable way to turn a food by-product into an exciting new beverage, we want to hear from you. The second edition of 50 Next will be revealed in 2022 and those featured will have the opportunity to connect with global gastronomic leaders both digitally and at our inaugural event in Bilbao. Take a look at the Class of 2021 for inspiration and find out how to apply below.

Applications and nominations for the 50 Next Class of 2022 are open until 22nd September 2021. All you need to do is visit our website to find out who we’re looking for, then fill out an application form that will take around 30 minutes to complete. 50 Next is open to applicants from all countries and backgrounds. Here’s who we’re looking for:

  • People aged 35 or under* (If you are over 35 but starting a new career path, you can also apply, provided you have a maximum of three years’ experience in your chosen field).
  • People working at all levels and in all areas of gastronomy, or in disciplines that have a direct impact on gastronomy, including, but not limited to: Activists, bartenders, chefs, consumers, craft beer and spirits producers, designers, distributors, educators, entrepreneurs, farmers, fishers, food and drink writers, non-profit workers, researchers, restaurateurs, scientists, sommeliers, tech creators, winemakers and more. (Check out the 2021 list for inspiration!)
  • People who are pushing the boundaries of gastronomy and tackling challenges from fresh perspectives.
  • People who have achieved results or shown clear progress through their work towards a particular goal.
  • Further questions? Check our extensive list of FAQs!

* Applicants should be 35 or under on 21 February 2022

You can apply for 50 Next on your own behalf or nominate someone else, whether they are a friend, a co-worker or a mentor. We want to hear from people from all over the globe who are doing innovative and interesting things in all areas of gastronomy. We are NOT just looking for chefs and bartenders, but drinks-makers, farmers, scientists, activists and more, taking the word ‘gastronomy’ in its widest sense.

Click here to apply or nominate.

Once we receive your application or nomination, our team of experts from 50 Next and the Basque Culinary Center will look into your work and experience and be in touch if we’d like to find out more. All candidates will be contacted by the end of 2021 and the list will be unveiled at a special event in early 2022 in Bilbao in the Biscay region of Spain’s Basque Country, 50 Next’s official Host Destination Partner. Stay tuned for more details.

Now get inspired and meet the 50 Next Class of 2021:

Applications and nominations for 50 Next are open from 25th August until 22nd September 2021. For further information on the selection process, our partners and how to apply or nominate, visit the 50 Next website.