Black Lives Matter

50 Best Editorial - 05/06/2020

50 Best stands with the black community in the fight against systemic racism and police brutality. Black lives, Black voices and Black pain matter. Over the last few days, all members of the 50 Best team have taken time out to educate ourselves on issues of racism and the persecution of the black community. Here are some resources that we found useful and would like to share with the world

The hospitality industry is built on a simple tenet: chefs, restaurateurs and bartenders want to make people happy with their food, drinks and hospitality. And that means all people – not depending on race, nationality, colour of skin, or sexual orientation. This is why the Black Lives Matter movement concerns all of us. Because beyond the brands we represent, the content we create and the lists we produce, we are people. And as people, we recognise that police brutality has to be condemned, and that more needs to be done to amplify the voices of the black community, in the gastronomic world and beyond.

Ahead of the launch of a series of features to help give a voice to black writers, cooks, bartenders, and hospitality workers, we are sharing a list of resources we have found useful in educating ourselves during and after #BlackOutTuesday. This represents a starting point in the work we are doing to play our part in the fight against systemic racism. It is by no means comprehensive – but it has helped inform us about the plague of racism in the US and beyond, and uncovered areas where we feel we can help. It comprises content both about the Black Lives Matter movement and about the unfair struggles of the black community in the food and drinks sector, as well as ways everyone can help, such as donations and supporting black-owned businesses.

Further to this, we will undertake research into issues of inclusivity within restaurant and bar businesses, which will help us plan a way forward. We commit to using our platform to help fight for equality. We are aware that the black community has been hit disproportionately hard by coronavirus – this fact will help shape the distribution of funds in our 50 Best for Recovery campaign.

We invite our readers to help educate us and build on this list. Please share resources, thoughts and ideas as to how we can plot a progressive path forward. Email to start the conversation. We will engage in dialogue with every person looking to contribute positively to this movement.

Where to donate – US

Black Lives Matter – About | Donate

The ACLU Racial Justice Program – About | Donate

NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund – About | Donate

Black Visions Collective – About | Donate

Reclaim The Block – About | Donate

The Movement for Black Lives – About | Donate

Campaign Zero – About & Donate

George Floyd Memorial Fund – About & Donate

I Run With Maud – About & Donate

Where to donate – UK

Black Lives Matter UK – About | Donate

Black Minds Matter UK – About | Donate

UK Black Pride – About | Donate

Stand Against Racism & Inequality – About | Donate

Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust – About | Donate

Race Equality Foundation – About | Donate

Show Racism the Red Card – About | Donate

Stand Up To Racism – About | Donate

Stop Hate UK – About | Donate

Black LGBTQIA Therapy Fund – About & Donate

Black Protest Legal Support UK – About & Donate

And if you can’t donate…

Contribute to Black Lives Matter by watching YouTube videos where ad profits go to charity

Petitions to sign – Global

Justice for George Floyd

We Can’t Breathe Campaign

Justice for Belly Mujinga

Justice for Breonna Taylor

Justice for Tony McDade

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Demand Racial Data on Coronavirus

Justice for João Pedro

Support the Eric Garner Law

Justice for Tamir Rice

Petitions to sign – US

You can sign no matter where you are in the world – if a zip code is needed, use an area code such as 90210


Tell Congress to protect Black-owned businesses

Tell Congress to protect Black voters

Hands Up Act

Petitions to sign – Europe

Teach British children about black history in schools

Anti-racism education to be compulsory in UK schools

Clamp down on racism in football

Support Black people in the food ecosystem – US

National Black Food & Justice Alliance

National Black Farmers Association

Black Farmers’ Network

Black Church Food Security Network

Soul Fire Farm

Detroit Black Community Food Security Network

Southeastern African American Farmers’ Organic Network

Black Dirt Farm Collective

Black Urban Growers

Soil Generation

Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust

People’s Kitchen Collective

Support Black-owned restaurants, businesses and cooks – Global and US

Shoppe Black

Support Black Owned

Find your local black-owned restaurants with EatOkra (App)

Support black-owned businesses in your community (James Beard)

Black-owned restaurant lists circulating the internet, organized by city (Bon Appétit)

Black-owned restaurants in New York City

Black-owned Brooklyn – A curated guide to black Brooklyn’s people, places and products

Black-owned food businesses in L.A. (Los Angeles Times)

Black-owned restaurants, pop-ups and caterers in the Bay Area (San Francisco Chronicle)

How to support Black-owned restaurants in Seattle (The Seattle Times)

Black Owned Businesses to Support in and Around Denver (

Black-owned restaurants on Chicago's North Side (Chicago Tribune)

Support Black-Owned Restaurants in Portland

Black-owned restaurants to support in the Greater Boston area (

Black-owned restaurants in the Twin Cities to support right now (City Pages)

Black-Owned Restaurants in Metro Detroit (Fed and Bougie)

Black Food Folks

Support Black-owned restaurants, businesses and cooks – UK

UK Black Owned Business

Support London’s Black-Owned Restaurants (The Infatuation)

A list of cookbooks, food and drink businesses and more (@emames7)

A list of BIPOC chefs, homecooks and business owners (@fowlmouthsfood)

Watch: Online videos on black culture and the food industry

Click here to watch all videos below as part of a playlist on the 50 Best TV YouTube channel

8 Black Chefs Who Are Shifting The American Cuisine Culture

“Cooking Saved My Life” – An insightful interview with Brian Hill on his struggles being a black chef and restaurant owner

Interview with Kwame Onwuachi – Fine dining Chef and author of Notes From a Young Black Chef

Culinary justice: Historian Michael Twitty on the lack of protection of African-American culinary heritage

The Man Who Relives Slave History Through Food: Michael Twitty celebrates the black ancestry of Southern cuisine

“All my life I’ve been told this isn’t the right kind of food to cook” – Chef Eric Adjepong on showcasing West-African cuisine in the US

"Where Are All the Black Cooks?" – Journalist Toni Tipton-Martin on the legacy of African American cooks and their cookbooks

The food history of the people of South Africa is largely forgotten – Chef Nompumelelo Mqwebu on the lack of celebration of indigenous food culture

Watch: Online documentaries on the Black Lives Matter movement

The Rise of Black Lives Matter

Stay Woke: The Black Lives Matter Movement

An interview with the founders of Black Lives Matter movement

Essential reading – Articles through the decades


Black Progress: How far we’ve come, and how far we have to go, by Abigail Thernstrom and Stephan Thernstrom

An American Tragedy: The legacy of slavery lingers in our cities ghettos, by Glenn C. Loury

A Question of Color: A Debate on Race in the U.S. Workplace, by David A. Thomas and Suzy Wetlaufer


What’s Holding Blacks Back? By John H. McWhorter

Five Truths About Black History, by Jeffery Robinson

The Social Construction of Whiteness: Racism by Intent, Racism by Consequence, by Teresa J. Guess

2010 onwards

Why black people can’t be racist, by Sobantu Mzwakali

America is on Fire, by Lee Pelton

Racism is Killing Black Americans, by SPL Editors

Racism and Sexism Combine to Shortchange Working Black Women, by Jocelyn Frye

Essential reading – Books through the decades


I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

Women, Race, and Class by Angela Davis

Freedom Is A Constant Struggle by Angela Davis


The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson

Staying Power: The History of Black People in Britain, by Peter Fryer


Waking Up White, and Finding Myself in the Story of Race by Debby Irving

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, by Michelle Alexander

White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son, by Tim Wise

2010 onwards

Brit(ish) by Afua Hirsch

Black and British: A Forgotten History by David Olusoga

The Good Immigrant, edited by Nikesh Shukla

White Rage, by Carol Anderson

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race, by Renni Eddo-Lodge

Diversify, by June Sarpong

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