A chefs’ guide to where to eat and drink in Bogotá

Laura Price - 08/09/2017

Header images: Masa pastries (Ian Allen) and interior (Benjamin Cadena)

There are just over six weeks to go until Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017, which is being held this year for the first time in Bogotá, Colombia. So it seems like the perfect time to find out from the local chefs and restaurateurs where to eat and drink in the Colombian capital

We asked Leonor Espinosa, Harry Sasson, Juan Manuel Barrientos, Nicolás López and Sergio Meza for their insider tips.


Best for breakfast:

La Puerta Falsa
Cl. 11 #6-50, Bogotá
– recommended by Leonor Espinosa, chef-owner of Leo and Misia.


Calle 70 #4-83 and Calle 81 #9-12, Bogotá

“It has some delicious, healthy options and the bread is all sourdough,” says Juan Manuel Barrientos, chef-owner of El Cielo in Bogotá, Medellin and Miami.

“It’s totally unpretentious and the bread is delicious,” says Nicolás López, one half of the team behind Villanos en Bermudas in Bogotá.


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Best for coffee:

Catación Pública 
Cl. 120a #3A-47, Bogotá
“They have probably the best Colombian coffee beans and they do a great job with them,” says Nicolás López.

Il Pomeriggio
Cra. 11 # 82-01, Local 158, Bogotá
– recommended by Harry Sasson of Harry Sasson restaurant.

Café Devotion 
Cra. 7 #72 - 41, Bogotá
– recommended by Leonor Espinosa.


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Best for traditional Colombian food:

Donde Yiya
Diag 53 con 16, Bogotá
 – recommended by Leonor Espinosa.

Andrés Carne de Res 
Calle 11ª-56, Chia
– recommended by Harry Sasson.

Best for dinner:

Ramen Bar Tomodachi
Dg. 70a #466, Bogotá
“Good ramen is hard to find on this side of the world, but these guys have got it,” say Nicolás López and Sergio Meza.

Local by Rausch
Cl. 90 #11-13, Bogotá
“It’s a cool place with three floors where you can go with friends. It’s in a very trendy part of the city and has the level of quality you would expect from the Rausch brothers, Jorge and Mark. Great desserts and typical Colombian dishes," says Juan Manuel Barrientos.

El Chato 
Cl. 65 #3b-76, Bogotá
– recommended by Leonor Espinosa and Harry Sasson.


For drinks:

El Enano 
Cl. 79b #712, Bogotá
– recommended by Leo Espinosa.

La Huerta

Cl. 69a #10-15, Bogotá
“La Huerta in Quinta Camacho neighbourhood has some really interesting signature cocktails like a corozo fruit juice from the Colombian Caribbean and sake. The drinks are designed or curated not by a mixologist but by the Colombian-American chef Brian Aaron," says Juan Manuel Barrientos.


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For street food:

Guerrero and Compañía de Sándwiches
Carrera 9 # 69-10, Bogotá
– recommended by Leo Espinosa.


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