Keeping it sweet – the significance of sugar to Asia's Best Pastry Chef Fabrizio Fiorani

Rose Hobbs - 30/04/2019

Recently awarded the title of Asia’s Best Pastry Chef 2019, sponsored by Valrhona, Fabrizio Fiorani of Tokyo’s Il Ristorante Luca Fantin explains why sugar is the most important ingredient in his cooking

“A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down,” so Fabrizio Fiorani paraphrases Mary Poppins during his presentation at the most recent edition of #50BestTalks: Vital Ingredients, presented by Miele, as part of the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019 awards programme in Macao. And when this particular prescription is a fine-dining example of a dessert made by Asia’s Best Pastry Chef, it certainly goes down very smoothly indeed. 

As part of his talk, the Italian chef guides us through the story of his relationship with sugar, reminding the audience how it is indispensable to his craft. For him, it’s the hero ingredient above all others in the world of gastronomy.

Fiorani’s demonstration features a dessert that is made entirely with sugar (with just a splash of milk for the ice cream). In its creation, his sugar finds various forms – cotton-candy, caramel, syrup and ice-cream. Technology meets tradition with the chef’s final touch to the dish: the #50BestTalks audience found their dessert topped with a sugary QR code that, when scanned, provided them with the full recipe.

Watch the video of Fiorani’s full presentation at #50BestTalks to discover how the chef and his team are at the vanguard of sweet sensations.

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