Highlights from KoreaNYC Dinners: Jinmo Jang, Hyun-Seok Choi and Carlo Mirarchi at Blanca, Brooklyn

Laura Price - 10/06/2016

With tickets sold out almost as soon as they went on sale, KoreaNYC Dinners, hosted by Korean gourmet magazine La Main, was one of the most in-demand gastronomic events ever to hit New York City.

Night one took place in 12-seater restaurant Blanca in Brooklyn, with chef-owner Carlo Mirarchi teaming up with Seoul chefs Jinmo Jang of A&ND Dining and Hyun-Seok Choi of Elbon the Table. Here are the highlights in pictures.

1. Korea meets NYC

2. Chicken and beer

3. Jinmo-style

4. Sea urchin and brioche 

5. Foie gras and chocolate

6. Eel consommé

7. Lobster and squid ink

8. Pork belly and pea mousse


9. Crazy Penne and Jinmo Jang

10. A meal in pictures

Hungry for more? Watch the highlights from KoreaNYC Dinners:

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