Highlights from the KoreaNYC Gala Dinner at Jungsik

Laura Price - 12/06/2016

Header images: Trip or Treats

The three-night KoreaNYC Dinners series hosted by Korean gourmet magazine La Main culminated in a special gala dinner at Jungsik in New York.

Chef Jungsik Yim was joined by Korean chefs Jinmo Jang of A&ND DiningHyun-Seok Choi of Elbon The TableMingoo Kang of Mingles and Tony Yoo of 24 Seasons.

Here are some of the highlights in pictures.

1. Chef prep

2. Guest arrival

3. The menu

4. Small bites

4. Scallops

5. Omiberry

6. Sea urchin

7. Octopus

8. Happy customers

9. Foie gras

10. Grasshoppers

11. Ulleung Mandu

12. Citrus dessert

Hungry for more? Watch the videos from all three KoreaNYC Dinners:

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