How to book the hottest seat in New York City: KoreaNYC Dinners

Laura Price - 12/05/2016

It’s official – tickets are now on sale for KoreaNYC Dinners, in partnership with La Main, a series of special collaborations in New York City featuring five top Korean chefs and two of America’s finest.

Details and booking information can be found below – you'll need to be fast to get a table. Good luck! 

Thursday 9th June – Blanca

261 Moore Street, Brooklyn 11206

Korean chefs Jinmo Jang of A&ND Dining and Hyun-Seok Choi of Elbon The Table will host a ‘six-hands’ dinner with acclaimed chef Carlo Mirarchi of Blanca in Brooklyn.


Clockwise from top left: Jinmo Jang; Leek at A&ND Dining; Carlo Mirarchi; seaweed and sunchoke at Blanca (image: Deirdre Schoo); Hyun-Seok Choi; Lobster with burrata and tomato essence at Elbon The Table

Booking and details:

Price: Tasting Menu $375 per person (inclusive of menu with beverage pairing, tax and gratuity)
Time: 9pm seating


Friday 10th June – Blue Hill 

75 Washington Place, New York 10011

Mingoo Kang of Mingles and Tony Yoo of 24 Seasons will join forces with the brilliant Dan Barber of Blue Hill in Greenwich Village.


Clockwise from top left: Dan Barber; Mingles Doen jang creme brulee; Tony Yoo; 24 Seasons peeled fig and ginseng with Angelica gigas puree; Mingoo Kang; blood sausage roll at Blue Hill

Booking and details:

Price: Tasting Menu $350 per person (inclusive of menu with beverage pairing, tax and gratuity)
Time: Seating beginning at 6pm and taking reservations every half an hour
Reservations: Tel. +1 212 539 1776 (telephone only)

Saturday 11th June – Jungsik

2 Harrison Street, New York 10013

All four Korean chefs will team up with established chef-restaurateur Jungsik Yim to create a gala KoreaNYC Dinner at Jungsik’s New York branch in Tribeca, Manhattan.


Booking and details:

Price: 6-Course Tasting Menu $300 per person (does not include tax, gratuity or beverages)
Time: Reservations from 5 pm to 11 pm
Reservations: by email at

You can also win the opportunity to join some of the Korean chefs and a host of other 50 Best stars at our #50BestTalks: The Tastemaker event on Sunday 12th June.

Find out how to enter.