50 Best Masterclass: cook Rasmus Kofoed’s
‘razor clam’ from the Geranium menu at home

Mark Sansom - 19/07/2019

In the first of the 50 Best Masterclasses held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Geranium chef Rasmus Kofoed gave the audience a taste of his signature dishes and showed how to put together one of the classics that helped make his name

Geranium, the Danish restaurant ranked No.5 in The World’s Best Restaurants 2019 list, has a menu that reads like a rhapsody to the sea. The brackish waters surrounding Copenhagen yield some of the world’s finest seafood and head chef Rasmus Kofoed utilises it with aplomb. Known for toying with diners’ expectations of the norm, many of his dishes are not as they first seem and his Razor Clams, Minerals and Sour Cream is a case in point. Served with an edible ‘shell’ and razor clams enhanced with citrus, it’s a true taste of the sea, only better.

Here’s how you can make this (surprisingly simple) restaurant-quality dish at home.


Razor Clams, Minerals and Sour Cream

Ingredients (serves 4)

For the Razor Clam ‘Shell’:

2 thin wheat dough sheets, available from specialist supermarkets

10g algae powder, available from health food stores

10g charcoal powder, available from health food stores


For the Razor Clam Tartare:

60g razor clams, diced

50g crème fraiche (38% fat)

1g sliced tarragon

2.5g salt

1.2g lemon zest

1/2 tsp lemon juice

8g chopped parsley



For the Razor Clam ‘Shell’:

1. Paint the sheets of thin wheat dough with charcoal and algae powder dissolved into a paste with a few drops of water to resemble a razor clam shell.

2. Cut out 8 pieces, 10cm long, 3cm wide & bake them wrapped around a wooden stick (a similar shape to the handle of a wooden spoon) in a 150C oven for 10 min until crisp and brittle.

 For the Razor Clam Tartare

3. Chop the razor clams into relatively fine dice.

4. Mix the clams with crème fraiche, salt, lemon zest, lemon juice, parsley and tarragon and place into the baked ‘shells’.


Now watch the highlights from the 50 Best Masterclass series in Signapore:


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