The World's 50 Best Bars 2019 51-100:
the list in pictures

Giulia Sgarbi - 24/09/2019

The 11th edition of The World's 50 Best Bars list and awards will be unveiled on Thursday 3rd October 2019 in London, UK – but first, we reveal the bars that have been voted between 51st and 100th in this year's edition.

The 51-100 list of The World's 50 Best Bars 2019 includes bars from 26 cities across 20 countries, with as many as 14 new entries. Discover the full list in 50 photos of the world's hottest drink destinations and their cocktails, and don't forget to tune in on Facebook at 20:15 (UK time) on October 3 to follow the awards ceremony live.

51. Subastor


São Paulo, Brazil

52. Tayēr + Elementary (NEW ENTRY)

Tayer Elementary (Photo Credit - Bernard Zeija)

London, UK


53. Lost & Found

Lost and Found

Nicosia, Cyprus


54. The Bamboo Bar at Mandarin Oriental

The Bamboo Bar at MO

Bangkok, Thailand

55. Scarfes Bar (NEW ENTRY)

Scarfes Bar

London, UK

56. Bar Benfiddich

Bar Benfiddich green negroni

Tokyo, Japan

57. Two Schmucks

Two Schmucks

Barcelona, Spain

58. Candelaria


Paris, France

59. Tales & Spirits

Tales and Spirits

Amsterdam, Netherlands


60. Tommy's


San Francisco, USA

61. 28 HongKong Street

28 HKS Interior Action


62. Zuma


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

63. Buck and Breck


Berlin, Germany


64. Oriole


London, UK

65. Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky Oaxacan-Swizzle

Mexico City, Mexico


66. Bulletin Place

Bulletin Place

Sydney, Australia

67. Sweet Liberty

Sweet Liberty Fancy Cocktails - Photo Credit Ellie Groden

Miami, USA


68. Danico 


Paris, France

69. Siete Negronis (NEW ENTRY)


Santiago, Chile

70. Baccano (NEW ENTRY)

Baccano-COSMO 1

Rome, Italy


71. Quinary


Hong Kong, China

72. BlackTail

Blacktail Miami Vice

New York, USA

73. Central Station


Beirut, Lebanon


74. Dry Martini

Dry Martini-1

Barcelona, Spain

75. Lobster Bar

Lobster Bar Like Anko (1)

Hong Kong, China

76. Long Island Bar

The Long Island Bar

New York, USA

77. Panda & Sons

Panda and Sons

Edinburgh, UK

78. Satan's Whiskers (NEW ENTRY)

Satans Whiskers

London, UK

79. The Baxter Inn

The Baxter Inn

Sydney, Australia

80. Black Pearl

black pearl fleet

Melbourne, Australia

81. ABV

ABV Dunmore_Cobbler

San Francisco, USA

82. Drink Kong (NEW ENTRY)

Drink Kong

Rome, Italy

83. Charles H

Charles H

Seoul, South Korea

84. Le Syndicat


Paris, France

85. Bar Trench

Bar trench interior-high

Tokyo, Japan

86. Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest

Milan, Italy

87. Donovan Bar (NEW ENTRY)


London, UK

88. Sin+Tax (NEW ENTRY)


Johannesburg, South Africa


89. Bar Orchard Ginza

Bar ORCHARD Ginza Apple Pie

Tokyo, Japan


90. Nutmeg & Clove (NEW ENTRY)

Nutmeg and Clove


91. Lost Lake

Lost Lake interior 2 - Clayton Hauck

Chicago, USA

92. Tropic City (NEW ENTRY)

Tropic City

Bangkok, Thailand

93. The Pontiac (NEW ENTRY)

The Pontiac

Hong Kong, China


94. Amor y Amargo

Amor Y Amargo interior

New York, USA

95. PS40 (NEW ENTRY)


Sydney, Australia

96. Frank Bar

Frank Bar

São Paulo, Brazil

97. The Gibson


London, UK

98. Mabel (NEW ENTRY)


Paris, France

99. Aviary

Aviary-chicago-drink 2

Chicago, USA

100. Clover Club (NEW ENTRY)

Clover Club

New York, USA


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