50 Best Bars The Blend Scholarship: meet the 25 aspiring bartenders vying for the title

Mark Sansom - 15/07/2022

We called and you answered: over the past nine weeks we have been receiving applications from nascent bartending talent who are competing for the honour of being named the first-ever 50 Best Bars The Blend Scholar and win internships at Connaught Bar, London, Katana Kitten, New York and with the global team from The Blend.

Over 750 people came forward for the opportunity from all over the globe, with the final 25 representing 22 countries, from Venezuela to Kazakhstan and Ghana. Here’s an introduction to the starlets progressing to Round Two, where they will be asked to design a unique gin cocktail that heroes a local ingredient and is inspired by the Scholarship theme

Name: Seraphine Afladey
Age: 23
From: Ghana
Working in: Ghana
Current bar: La Borracha, Labone 
Follow me: @Ashersips

Name: Reyna Cuellar
Age: 31
From: USA
Working in: USA
Current bar: Casa de Montecristo, Dallas, Texas
Follow me: @reynamezcal

Name: Sergio del Toro
Age: 25
From: Spain  
Working in: UK
Current bar: The Newt, Somerset  
Follow me: @_sergiodeltoro_

Name: Drew Fleming
Age: 21
From: UK
Working in: UK
Current bar: Kiki Lounge, Isle of Man         
Follow me: @kikis.lounge

Name: Daniel Johnson
Age: 27
From: USA
Working in: USA
Current bar: Ma Der Lao Kitchen, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Follow me: @danielj417

Name: Ekaterina Korytko
Age: 26
From: Russia
Working in: UAE
Current bar: BOCA, Dubai
Follow me: @katerishnaaa

Name: Irina Lyulko
Age: 24
From: Kazakhstan
Working in: Kazakhstan
Current bar: Bar Americano
Follow me: @irik.lyulko

Name: Daniele Macciò
Age: 33
From: Italy
Working in: Italy
Current bar: MondoFood, Bra, Mondovi
Follow me: @daniele_maccio_

Name: Eric Maldonado
Age: 26
From: USA
Working in: USA
Current bar: Elysian Café, Hoboken, New Jersey     
Follow me: @Eric_Maldonado2

Name: Kyoka Matsunaga
Age: 25
From: Japan
Working in: Panama
Current bar: Cafe Unido, Panama City, Panama
Follow me: @kokomokie

Name: Martin McConnell
Age: 23
From: UK
Working in: Australia
Current Bar: Frogs Hollow Saloon, Brisbane
Follow me: @martin_mcconnell

Name: Audie Millan   
Age: 30
From: Venezuela
Working in: Colombia
Current bar: Risonella Bar, Ibagué
Follow me: @am_multimedia

Name: Ana Mitchell
Age: 27
From: Australia
Working in: Australia
Current bar: The 18th Amendment, Geelong
Follow me: @anamarie.95

Name: Rachel Mynczywor
Age: 27
From: USA
Working in: Australia
Current bar: Rude Boy Hobart, Hobart, Tasmania
Follow me: @ShakeItTas

Name: Paloma Palacio
Age: 25
From: Mexico
Working in: Mexico
Current bar: Bizarro Café, CDMX
Follow me: @fresh.bitch.666

Name: Richard Patchouli
Age: 28
From: UK
Working in: UK
Current bar: Milroys, London
Follow me: @Richpatchouli

Name: Gaurav Rahoni
Age: 21
From: India
Working in: India
Current bar: Hoots’, Delhi
Follow me: @heybarninja

Name: Olivia Rice
Age: 23
From: USA
Working in: USA
Current bar: Bar at Audrey, Nashville
Follow me: @just.hoperice

Name: Louis Schofield
Age: 28
From: UK
Working in: France
Current bar: The Cambridge Public House, Paris

Name: Ruben Sudmeier
Age: 23
From: Netherlands
Working in: Spain
Current bar: Café Niebla Bar, Salamanca
Follow me: @rubensudmeier

Name: Katharina Suess
Age: 28
From: Austria
Working in: South Korea
Current bar: Pussyfoot Saloon, Seoul
Follow me: @katsnickers

Name: Milenka-Mariel Suter-Zürcher 
Age: 25
From: Argentina
Working in: Argentina
Current bar: Francis Bar, Córdoba
Follow me: @milusuter

Name: Arvind Thirunavukarasu
Age: 24
From: Malaysia
Working in: Malaysia
Current bar: The Attic Bar, KL
Follow me: @arvindthiru

Name: Doret Trifonova
Age: 24
From: Bulgaria
Working in: Netherlands
Current bar: Law and Order, Amsterdam
Follow me: @doret3

Name: Mishelle Vivanco
Age: 22
From: Colombia
Working in: Colombia
Current bar: Barra 7, Cartagena
Follow me: @Mish_michelada

The winner of the 50 Best Bars The Blend Scholarship will be announced at The World's 50 Best Bars awards ceremony in Barcelona on 4th October 2022. To be the first to hear about the latest news and announcements, browse the website, follow us on Instagram, find us on Facebook, visit us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel.