Paris, France

Explosive flavours and unsung ingredient mashups thrive at this hip neo-bistro


On the Pass

Bertrand Grébaut

What’s the appeal? Septime is a super-cool place on a cool street run by cool people, frequented by cool customers. The food is relaxed, packed with flavour and served without pretention. Hyper-sustainable Septime was also the winner of the Sustainable Restaurant Award in 2017.

What’s on the menu? One of the biggest charms of this neo-industrial is its fair pricing: €60 for four courses and €95 for seven courses. Chef Bertrand Grébaut’s seasonal, modern French plates have been luring in diners from around the world since the cosy restaurant’s opening eight years ago. The food is sophisticated and uses some of the finest producers from around the world but, unlike some of its neighbouring restaurants, doesn’t feel the need to shout about them. The dishes themselves do the talking. Expect inspired plates like egg yolk cured in salted pimento vinegar with raw cuttlefish, lardo, and pimento oil; and beets cooked in a brown butter, with red sorrel, and a sauce made from red wine and tuna bones.

Who’s running the show? Graphic designer-turned-chef Bertrand Grébaut, formerly of Alain Passard’s iconic three-Michelin star Arpège, helms the kitchen.

Getting in: Due to its limited number of oversubscribed seats, booking a table at Septime isn’t the simplest feat. The restaurant accepts reservations three weeks in advance by phone or online. We recommend calling exactly three weeks to the day of your desired sitting for the best chance of securing a reservation.

But if you can’t nab a seat at Septime this time… Grébaut and his team command two additional nearby restaurants: Septime La Café, a wine bar, and seafood-focused Clamato. Both are walk-in only.


80 Rue de Charonne, Paris 11

+33 1 4367 3829 Visit Septime's Website