De Librije

Zwolle, The Netherlands

Charismatic duo serving modern Dutch food in a former prison

De Librije

On the Pass

Jonnie Boer

Why is it special? The exciting menu at this influential Dutch restaurant is tailored to suit individual diners' specific tastes. Guests select four dishes from four sections comprising three seasonal ingredient combinations, before further plates are added to create a bespoke five-, six- or seven-course menu for each diner.

Dream team: Locals Jonnie and Thérèse Boer have helped shape modern Dutch cuisine over a 20-plus-year career, combining fabulous produce plucked and plundered from the surrounding region with cutting-edge techniques and idiosyncratic ideas. They are also ardent campaigners for zero food waste.

On the table: Gusty yet delicate flavour reigns supreme. Ceviche-like langoustine is marinated in kombucha before being flamed à table, oysters play bedfellow to goat’s cheese and seaweed while brown crab is paired with chicken liver and veal heart. For a fish course, red mullet is perfectly complemented by brown shrimps and woodruff.

The building: Located in an 18th-century former prison, the main dining area is in the courtyard, covered by an impressive glass and steel roof. Elsewhere, expect plenty of modern art, and a number of bedrooms to ensconce yourself in, too.


Spinhuisplein 1, 8011 ZZ, Zwolle

+31 (0) 38 853 00 00 Visit De Librije's Website