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San Sebastián, Spain


Complete sensory experience in stunning surrounds

At Mugaritz, there is no menu – at least, not in advance of a meal. Diners are instead treated to 24 individually tailored courses to suit their dietary requirements, wants and desires. The lack of menu is just one example of how Mugaritz dispenses with traditional dining norms in its quest to deliver a complete sensory and creative experience. Edible cutlery and centrepieces are other routes to delivering the stories, flavours, smells and textures that make up chef-owner Andoni Luis Aduriz’s idea of the perfect journey through food.

Born in the Basque gastronomic heartland of San Sebastián and schooled at El Bulli with the legendary Ferran Adrià, it’s no surprise Aduriz is capable of extraordinary things. He started culinary studies but soon began to explore tastes and textures after a not-so-perfect introduction to the academic world. In 1998, Mugaritz was born and in 2006 it entered this list, helping secure Aduriz’s place among the Spanish greats.

Named after a solitary, 200-year-old oak tree that grows in the hills inland from San Sebastián, Mugaritz is as spectacular in its location as in its food. The small wooden building – entirely rebuilt after a devastating fire in 2010 – is surrounded by breath-taking scenery, further enhancing the sensory experience delivered by dishes such as edible stones or candy caviar.

On the pass

  • Andoni Luis Aduriz

Pastry chef

Style of food

  • Techno-emotional Spanish

Standout dish

  • Ice shreds, scarlet shrimp perfume