Seoul, South Korea

On the pass:

Jeongho Kim with chef-owner Jungsik Yim (pictured)

Pastry chef:

Yeonwha Son

Style of food:

New Korean

Standout dish:

Gujeolpan (nine kind of delicate dish)


11 Seolleungro, 158 Gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

+82 2 517 4654

Korea's star chef brings molecular mastery to the capital

What makes it stand out: Jungsik is New Hansik with flair. The restaurant combines Korean culinary techniques with those from all over the world, adding in local, seasonal ingredients and flavours.

About the chef: Jungsik Yim trained at Aquavit and Bouley in New York and at Zuberoa and Akelarre in Spain, before returning to Seoul in 2009 to open his eponymous restaurant in Cheongdam-dong, the heart of Korean luxury and style. He is credited for introducing New Korean cuisine to his home country.

Typical dishes: The amuse bouche here is quite unique. It reinterprets Korean banchan (side dishes served with plain rice) with five to six finger foods. While expressing Korea's rice or bap culture, it enhances the diner's expectations of the coming meal. Main dishes include gujeolpan, consisting of nine different ingredients assorted on a plate, and truffle gimbap, crispy seaweed filled with truffle slices of stir-fried marinated beef. The dolhareubang is made with green tea mousse and peanut ganache served with milk ice cream, black sesame and sponge cake.

What else? At Jungsik, the wine pairing stands out as much as the food, led by head sommelier Eunsik Choi, winner of Korea's sommelier competition. On the first floor, guests of Jungsik Bar can enjoy an excellent selection of wine alongside the restaurant’s best-selling dishes à la carte.

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