Southern China’s new gastronomic high where east meets west


On the Pass

Miles Pundsack-Poe

What's the story? American chef Christopher Kostow opened Ensue in 2019. The kitchen is run by Miles Pundsack-Poe, a Canadian cook formerly of Restaurant at Meadowood, who blends Cantonese flavours – discovered during his travels around China – with a fascinating take on new Napa cuisine.

Room with a view: Ensue features one of the most incredible dinner backdrops you could imagine. Perched on the 40th floor – high enough to overlook the buzzing city center of Shenzhen while also glimpsing the magnificent mountain landscape beyond – the restaurant is equipped with a sun-kissed kitchen manned by a team full of energy and good vibes. One of the top kitchens in China, it is said to be designed in accordance with its Napa Valley counterpart, just a bit smaller in size.

On the menu: Combining Californian farm-to-table culture and techniques with Cantonese taste and almost 100% local ingredients, the menu at Ensue pays respect to home-grown products. One of the signature dishes is the 120-days-old Qingyuan chicken baked in sourdough, a method that allows the meat to be cooked by the heat and moisture inside the bread (also known as sauna chicken). Sea conch and leg meat are then stuffed between the chicken skin and the meat. The sauce is intensified by incorporating the flavours of Chinese-style steamed herbs chicken.

What’s the philosophy? Ensue’s food is defined by its Californian sensibilities, bringing the focus on organic products, their natural simplicity and the best season to present them. This philosophy is combined with the ingredients, traditions and techniques of China.


40F, Futian Shangri-La Hotel,4088 Yitian Rd, Futian District, Shenzhen

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