London Essence Best New Opening Award 2024

London Essence Best New Opening Award 2024

The Savory Project

Hong Kong

Breaking the cocktail rulebook

Following the success of Hong Kong’s most accoladed bar, Coa, comes the co-founding team of Jay Khan and Ajit Gurung’s freshest concept – The Savory Project – situated in the pulsing heart of Hong Kong’s Soho district. Since opening the bar in May 2023, the duo has been tearing up the cocktail rulebook after taking note of an increased demand by guests requesting less sweet libations. Distinct from Coa, which hones in on all things agave, The Savory Project – as the name suggest – acts as a salute to unconventional flavours that accentuate savory, earthy and umami tastes while dialing back sweet or fruity notes. By incorporating ingredients such as beef jerky, fungi, corn husks, Japanese white soy sauce and brine, the establishment is embracing a contemporary notion of culinary cocktails – or cocktails inspired by food recipes that involve ingredients typically found in the kitchen pantry rather than poured over ice.

The venue’s focal point is a custom-made hexagonal bar, an intentional design element that removes the barrier between bartender and curious guest to offer a more engaging experience, augmented by warm earth-toned mixed materials in marble, metal, wood and stone. Visitors can find the likes of Thai Beef Salad – clarified peanut rum shaken with beef essence, coconut water, bird’s eye chilli and kaffir lime – and others christened Teriyaki, Biryani, Shiitake Bamboo, and Peppercorn. Taking the concept a step further, the menu is divided between Hedonism (for those imbibing) and Temperance (for those abstaining), creating an equitable space for drinkers and non-drinkers alike, supporting another growing