Hong Kong

Led by the unstoppable trifecta of Four Seasons beverage manager Federico Balzarini, assistant director of F&B Summer Lo and head bartender Yvonne Chan, this groundbreaking bar is named after Argo – the ship that sailed Jason and the Argonauts to the Golden Fleece in the Greek mythology. Argo provides a taste of the future of drinking – and poses the question ‘what will we be sipping on when ingredients run out or demand for spirits can’t be met?’

Argo’s menu uses Asian-sourced ingredients which risk becoming a luxury due to scarcity caused by climate. Each drink takes two forms, exploring its origin and evolution – or alternative, such as using tonka in place of vanilla. Other cocktails play jovially with Hong Kong’s rich history of gastronomy, such as the BBQ & Tonic, made with gin, tonic water, fig leaf and vegan char siu pork distillate, or the clay pot-aged Black Dot Manhattan Flight, composed of cognac, whisky, fortified beer, melon and black vinegar. The bar’s published Field Guide spirits list also showcases spirit innovators, such as an AI-produced gin and molecular-aged whisky, the latter of which forms the base of the Skynet Old Fashioned with miso caramel, coconut husks and olive oil.