Kuala Lumpur

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Embellishing Kuala Lumpur’s increasingly exciting cocktail tapestry, Penrose is the city’s latest drinkers’ delight. Opened in August 2022, this is an elevated bar that embodies the principles of functionalism, simplicity and modernity. Spearheaded by Jon Lee, the intimate atmosphere, with a focus on bar-counter seats, allows the team to deliver a more intentional service that encourages conversations across the bar.

At Penrose, the essence of the cocktail is captured through five fundamental pillars: alcohol, flavour, taste, body and dilution. This conscientious structure enables the crew to create immaculate libations that pay homage to timeless classics while incorporating carefully chosen ingredients: for example the Makopa Martini adds plum and lava salt to its gin and vermouth base. Central to its philosophy is the holistic appreciation of the cocktail journey, encompassing the ambience, seating, service and music, as well as the drinks themselves. As such, in its short life, the bar has become a much sought-after destination for drinks enthusiasts in the Malaysian capital.


149, Jalan Petaling, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur

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