Do you ever wish you were alive during a different time, when legends were born and made? Well, hop on over to Republic at the Ritz-Carlton for a journey into the swinging 1960s. Out of this era came rock legends, style icons and design tropes still abided by today. During the nine months of Republic’s build, the team delved deep into the decade’s history, music, fashion, cinema and special events in Singapore, the US, the UK and Italy; countries which were important centres of cultural and social revolution.

This is manifested in liquid history through the menu, which entered into its second volume in November 2022. Where the Cruella delivers a cinematic and contrasting dalmatian-coloured concoction of tequila, lychee, raspberry, yoghurt and cream, the Andy Warhol-inspired Velvet Underground delivers a symphonious and colourful ensemble of whiskey, cherry, banana and bitters. You might also want to try Smoking Suit, a hazy concotion of vodka, lapsang souchong, peated Scotch, elderflower, cassis and pineapple, accompanied on the menu page by a quote from Yves Saint Laurent. Fun bar bites also follow the theme, some favourites include mini kueh pie tee with chili crab sauce, boneless Texas buffalo wings, fish and chips and semolina-crusted calamari, all four countries present and accounted for.