Analogue Initiative


50Best Accolades
  • Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award 2023

After much deliberation and planning, Analogue Initiative opened during the pandemic. Despite restrictions, the sophomore effort by Vijay Mudaliar pushes the limits with similar principles as his first bar, the multi-award-winning Native. Sustainability is at the forefront, from the massive undulating aquamarine bar counter (3D printed from 1,600kgs of recycled plastic bottles) to completely unique recycled coasters. Even the tabletops are created from a self-growing material called Mycelium (a variety of fungus).

This ethos of course applies to the drinks and food menus as well. While the range of spirits has expanded to include those from outside of Asia, the team has cleverly used ingredients that have less impact on the environment. Instead of chocolate, think carob and chicory in place of coffee for the ‘Faux Espresso’ Martini. ‘Future foods’ such as spirulina and cactus both feature in very popular eponymous cocktails. However, one of the newer focal points really hits home: inclusivity. This value is apparent in everything from the all-plant-based food (the Nuggetz served with curry crack sauce are an essential order) to a non-alcoholic drinks menu that is as carefully considered as the alcoholic one; the Zephyr and El Mariachi are firm favourites (do note that all non-alcoholic drinks can be spiked upon request). That means pretty much all palates and diets can be accommodated. And that undulating bar countertop itself? It dips lower on one side to welcome guests in wheelchairs – an essential consideration in any modern bar. After all, the future is Analogue.