The Public House


Inspired by British pubs, The Public House was founded by William Wu, who previously worked at renowned Taipei bar Le Petite Chambre. Don’t be deceived by the name, however. Drinks here are far from those found at typical UK hostelries – take for instance the gin & tonic, elevated with hand-carved ice and the precision one would expect of traditional East Asian-style of bartending.

The bar also houses a range of signature cocktails, with its most adored serve, simply titled The Public 1, featuring gin, paochong tea, osmanthus syrup and chardonnay wine. Other creations from the menu, such as the Autumn Mosaic, made with rum, tea, ginger lily and fermented apple, are just as heavy of a hitter. The bar – which is open until 4am – serves food such as fried chicken and risotto until late, and if you stick around after 2am, you might get to taste the famous (and free) chicken soup.