Florería Atlántico

Buenos Aires

Pretty posies and a well-stocked natural wine store form an enticing storefront, but step through the wrought-iron doorway, pull down on the antique door handle and descend into one of Argentina’s legendary bars. Florería Atlántico is bartender Renato ‘Tato’ Giovannoni’s mythical world, where hand-painted sea creatures decorate the walls and an elegant crew keep glasses full and the basement bar ship-shape.

When Florería Atlántico opened a decade ago, it recounted the tales of European migrants who came to try their luck in the New World. Today, the Buenos Aires-based bar has reached double figures and its latest drinks list – many using the bartender’s own-brand vermouths and gin – pays tribute to Argentina's Indigenous and rural communities, an encyclopaedic work undertaken by Giovannoni and historian Felipe Pigna. Giovannoni has long taken a sustainable approach, his team working closely with farmers to cultivate autochthonous ingredients and he rolls out the philosophy on a greater scale: in 2022, he hosted the third edition of Festival Atlántico, which brought together 150 bartenders to share their sustainability know-how.