Wax On


New Entry

Even in the trendy Berlin bar district of Weserstrasse, Wax On shines brightly.  Owner Sam Orrock and creative director Damien Guichard, from the UK and France respectively, have created a bar which has quickly become considered one of the best in Germany. The space – as you might expect in Berlin – sees a dark interior with handmade wooden furnishings and the approach here is pared-back, with the menu a single side of paper with eight spins on classics, pilsner on tap and a few natural wines. The offering is accessible, but by no means basic – the bar houses its laboratory in the basement and this is where the magic happens, with cocktails assembled and garnished at the bar. Of the signatures, ask for Go Apes, even if you’re not bananas about bananas. With rum, clarified banana juice, a coffee distillate and soda, it’s served crystal clear. Even in the black of a Berlin night, it takes you straight to the sunny Caribbean.


Weserstr. 208, 12047 Berlin, Germany

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