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Toronto, Canada

Elevated restaurant embraces finer things in life

The lowdown: No stripped back brickwork and exposed lightbulbs here. Alo is an unabashed champion of fine dining, combining classical technique, global ingredients and a chic dining room with views of the city.

On the menu: Precise, technically accomplished dishes are the hallmark of the globetrotting tasting menu. Standout dishes include a scoop of Venetian caviar accompanied by cauliflower bavarois and Hokkaido sea urchin with fennel, yuzu and wasabi.

About the chef: Patrick Kriss worked under Daniel Boulud at his eponymous New York restaurant Daniel, before heading to the kitchens of Régis Marcon and La Maison Troisgros in France. He set up Alo in 2015 with general manager Amanda Bradley, whose CV includes La Grenouillere in France and George in Toronto.

What else? Alo's bar is worth a visit in its own right thanks to elegant cocktails and innovative small plates such as foie gras mousse with maple and walnut.

Don't miss: The bread and butter. Alo churns its own butter from local cream and uses the leftover buttermilk to make gorgeously light 'pain au lait' buns. It even has its own wine pairing: a sweet Rainwater Madeira.

On the pass

  • Patrick Kriss

Style of food

  • French fine dining

Standout dish

  • Squab breast and roasted leg