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Chi Spacca

Los Angeles, USA

Osteria Mozza team creates meat paradise

Chief reason to visit: What used to be a tiny cookery school adjoining high-end Italian Osteria Mozza has been transformed into a carnivore's paradise by owners Mario Batali, Nancy Silverton and Joe Bastianich. Stunning charcuterie made on the premises and steaks that cavemen would marvel at are the main attractions on the meaty menu.

What to order: The 'affettati misti' selection of cured meats, such as coppa and lardo, is a must, as is the huge tomahawk pork chop dusted in fennel pollen. Other highlights include the beef and bone marrow pie and 'bistecca Fiorentina' – a 50oz dry-aged Black Angus porterhouse, which costs more than $200.

What's the vibe? Cosy and convivial. The dining room, which is flanked by shelves of Italian wines, only seats around 30. Theatre lovers should grab a chair at the open kitchen counter where the chefs are a blur of fire and knives.

Did you know? The recipe for the restaurant's signature focaccia was discovered by Nancy Silverton in a tiny Italian village called Recco. It took two years to perfect back in the US, requiring special baking pans and flour to be imported from Italy.

What's in a name: Chi Spacca translates as 'he who cleaves'.

Images: Nicole White (chef portrait), Kelly Campbell (dishes)

On the pass

  • Executive chef Ryan DeNicola

Style of food

  • Meaty Italian

Standout dish

  • Tomahawk pork rib chop dusted in fennel pollen