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Milky Way Cocktail Bar

Montreal, Canada

Head up the twinkling staircase to Milky Way, a kooky cocktail bar from the Barroco group (Barroco, Foiegwa, Atwater Cocktail Club, Super Loco), within its pizzeria Fugazzi. There's a vaulted glass ceiling surrounded by hanging plants, plus a polished marble bar and glass brick walls which glow neon by night. Drinks are complex but deliciously drinkable, and the menu thoughtfully notes each cocktail's ABV. The totally tropical Bon Pour le Moral (Good for the Spirit) mixes coconut vodka with blue curaçao, elderflower liqueur, dark rum, orange, pineapple, lemon and vanilla, whilst the boozier Island in the Sun blends gin, rhum agricole, absinthe, lemon, grapefruit, hibiscus and pine.

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1886 Centre Street, Pointe-Saint-Charles, Montreal, Québec , H3K 1H9