Santiago, Chile

Demencia's name translates as 'madness' and, true to its word, that's what you'll find here. But it's the very best kind of madcap genius. The interior (and exterior) have a big, bold circus theme, complete with festoon-lit entrance and scene-stealing, candy-striped ceiling canopies. Part of prolific Santiago chef Benjamin Nast's burgeoning empire (alongside De Patio and De Cello), this eccentric eatery has managed to steal 71st place on The 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America ranking, which should offer ample reassurance that Demencia isn't ranking style above substance. The small-plates-based menu allows guests to call in for an eccentrically-presented cocktail and a couple of bites or to bed in for a sensational dinner, whatever their preference with a choice of mini sandwiches sitting alongside expertly-balanced ceviches or hot dishes like black rice with chiperónes.

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Av Vitacura 3520, Santiago, 7630523