Bo Innovation

Hong Kong, China

Alvin Leung (nicknamed the demon chef) is known for what he calls ‘X-treme Chinese’. His dishes are known to provide shock value: ‘Sex on a Beach’ is an edible condom filled with honey and ham on mushroom sand. However, the three Michelin-star food also has a purpose, with that particular course created to help raise money for AIDS research. Leung has also incorporated a menu celebrating Hong Kong’s culture and traditions. ‘Child’s Play’ is his take on the popular egg waffles snack; and ‘Ode to the Dragon’ is Chinese calligraphy wherein the ‘dragon’ character is written with black garlic sauce, topped with fried oyster tofu.

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Shop 8, 1/F The Podium, J. Senses, 60 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong,