Keto & Kote

Tbilisi, Georgia

Keto & Kote is named after a Georgian opera by composer Victor Dolidze, and the restaurant too demonstrates some serious artistic flair. The setting is enchanting, offering outdoor dining on a leafy terrace or indoor seating in a brightly-painted candlelit space. The cooking is an accomplished rendition of Georgian classics, from traditional breads and pastries like khachapuri – a boat-shaped bread stuffed with cheese – or lobiana, which is filled with red beans. To lighten things up there's also a great choice of salads making the most of local, seasonal produce, like cucumber and tomato salad either with or without Georgian sulguni cheese (but who's going without?), alongside hearty meat and fish dishes with an assortment finished over the barbecue. As for dessert, the cherry pie is one not to be missed.

Key Information


Zandukeli Dead End, 3, Tbilisi, 179