Lode and Stijn

Berlin, Germany

This Kreuzberg restaurant asks diners to consider whether simplicity can be seen as the ultimate form of sophistication. After trying their seven-course meat or vegetarian tasting menus, we think your answer will be a resounding yes. Owners Lode van Zuylen and Stijn Remi trained together at culinary school in Holland, proceeded to work at top restaurants in Scandinavia and Hamburg, and then re-met in Berlin a decade later. The lack of fussiness in their food oozes confidence. Plates entirely sourced from small local producers have a slightly Scandinavian feel. The décor is equally minimal, with dark green benches and a white wall decorated with a geometric shape in wine red that evokes some the presentation of many of the dishes.

Key Information


Lausitzer Str. 25, Kreuzberg, Berlin, 10999