Gochiso Mamma

Saga, Japan

Relaxed 100-seater izakaya Gochiso Mamma is the kind of place that friends tell friends about. With an elegant, spacious interior, private dining rooms, convivial atmosphere and extensive menu celebrating steaks, seafood and regional classics – plus a $20 all-you-can-drink offering – it’s hardly surprising it draws the crowds. The freshest of seasonal ingredients go into the making of dishes such as steamed rice cakes, Saga beef stew, tongue and radish soup and a tender and beautifully prepared ‘Iberico pork tontoro teppanyaki’, while a strong dessert offering includes the likes of a palate-cleansing sweet potato sorbet. Cash only.

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1-8-20, Ekimaechuo, Saga, Saga 840-0801

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