Land Bar Artisan

Tokyo, Japan

This six-seater basement bar is overseen by Daisuke Ito – an alumnus of gin joint Star Bar, which is pretty much the Tokyo bar scene's surest stamp of quality. The dinky scale of the place means that he hosts all guests himself and can impart the wisdom of his chosen techniques. All ice is hand-carved, seasonal fruits and vegetables are juiced for cocktails there and then and the house G&T – a combination of room temperature Monkey 47 and frozen No 3 gins – has a tendency to make guests come over all evangelical.

Key Information

  • Average price per cocktail $23
  • Afternoon and evening: Mon – Sat
  • +81 3 3433 4322


Murakami Building B1F, 3-15-6, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004