Tokyo, Japan

Known for the elegant, complex flavours in his deceptively simple-looking plates, the publicity-shy chef Tadayoshi Matsukawa welds the knives in this low-profile, invitation-only kaiseki restaurant in Minato. While dinner reservations at the 22-seater counter are notoriously difficult to secure, the lunch sitting tends to be somewhat less so. Having earned his stripes in classical Japanese cuisine at two-Michelin-starred Seisoka in Minato-ku, Matsukawa is in his element leading his team in the open kitchen, where he creates a 10-course, chef’s choice menu made with fresh ingredients he hand-picks personally at the markets each morning. No attention to detail is spared, which you can see in everything from the deeply aromatic dashi (soup stock) to the precisely plated slivers of local Taiza crab, tender steamed abalone and conger eel bachiko. Remember to visit the ATM before you arrive – credit cards are not accepted.

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1-11-6 Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo, 107-0052