Oaxaca City, Mexico

Enrique Olvera of Pujol fame has teamed up with fellow chef Luis Arellano and architect Javier Sánchez to bring his brand of cookery genius to the food city of Oaxaca. The focus at Criollo – open since mid-2016 – is on local and seasonal ingredients to create authentic Oaxaqueña cuisine. The seven-course tasting menu changes daily but always includes snacks, a salad, catch of the day and desserts. Located within a stylish, bohemian UNESCO heritage house, guests enter the courtyard dining room via the kitchen as tortillas are freshly prepared on one of four wood-burning ovens. Comfort food classics include tamale filled with Oaxacan cheese and homemade mole.

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Francisco I. Madero 129, Centro, Oaxaca City, 68090


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