New York, US

Nomadic mixologist Nico De Soto and Gotham cocktailian Greg Boehm shook up their offering with a move to larger premises in early 2019. An adventurous cocktail list is based around exotic spices and bold flavours. The eponymous ‘Mace’ features Aperol, aquavit, beet juice, orange acid, young Thai coconut cordial and mace mist; ‘Vanilla v.2’ is a curious concoction of brioche rum, peanut butter and rectified strawberry cream; and ‘Ants’ is the option for the brave, with its mixture of pisco, Ambrato vermouth, caju (a Brazilian tropical fruit from the cashew tree), lemon juice, cashew albumin, ants bitters and ants. Expect the bar snacks menu to be just as inventive.

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505 East 12th Street, East Village, New York, NY 10009

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