Teardrop Lounge

Portland, US

The contemporary cocktail bar that launched a thoUSnd ships in Portland, Oregon, Daniel Shoemaker opened Teardrop Lounge in 2007 and the place has been considered one of the city's best ever since. Located in the famous Pearl District, the inside glows with a modern, urban-chic confidence thanks to the abundance of exposed concrete and recessed lighting. A circular island-shaped bar anchors the captivating space, giving drinkers a front-row seat for the mixing magic. There is a reverence for the classics rooted at the heart of the drinks list, but classics still play second fiddle to creativity and innovation – this is a veritable ingredient think-tank for talented bartenders, inspiring hundreds of original recipes over the years. With a bounty of fresh West Coast produce at their fingertips, the strict seasonality keeps every menu interesting.

Key Information


1015 NW Everett Street, Pearl District, Portland, Oregon, 97209