San Ho Won

San Francisco, US

A relaxed yet refined Korean barbecue joint from San Francisco favourite Corey Lee and Jeong-In Hwang, who worked with Lee at Benu. The vision for San Ho Won – opened in 2021 – was to combine high-quality ingredients with precise technique with humble origins. While it’s easy-going, it would be a disservice to say that San Ho Won is casual. Using lychee wood charcoal, made bespoke for the restaurant, each dish sings with idiosyncratic flavour you’ll not find elsewhere. Dishes are made for sharing so you best order up a few. Sizzling racks of double-cut galbi perhaps, glazed pork ribs or mackerel. Add in some sides – emblematic kimchi is offered three ways – sauces and salads. Then maybe turn to superlative twist on home cooking – five-year Doenjang and clam stew will ensure authentic flavour. A counter seat affords views of the gang in action. And you can always opt for the tasting-menu style banquet if you can't decide.

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2170 Bryant St, Mission District, San Francisco, California, CA 94110