Eclectic gastronomic institution bursting with Latin American energy


On the Pass

Rafael Osterling (pictured) and Rodrigo Alzamora

Pastry Chef

Annia Ortiz

Rafael, the eponymous restaurant of super-successful lawyer-turned-chef Rafael Osterling, opened in 2000. For the past 21 years, Osterling and his team have been cherry picking gastronomic tropes from Peru’s historic dishes, as well as taking touches from the Nikkei canon and left-field inspiration that references the chef’s international travels.

The food is delivered as an almost incongruous-sounding cavalcade of dishes: ceviche may be followed by pizza; grilled octopus by olives and confit garlic; and sashimi by veal gizzards with truffle and sweet peas. It might sound a little unusual, but as its two-decade history will attest, it works brilliantly and sits as a truly unique restaurant in this collection of Latin America’s greatest dining rooms.