Stylised Mexican cuisine with fresh, local ingredients


On the Pass

Pablo Salas

Pastry Chef

Juan Pareja Martinez

Folding layers of traditional recipes and culinary customs from the capital region into attractive modern dishes, chef Pablos Salas plates up an eclectic interpretation of his home state’s cuisine at his debut restaurant. Self-taught, Salas nods to tradition throughout a stylised farm-to-table menu: coral-bellied trout from local mountain streams arrives in a Peruvian-style ceviche; smoked nopal cactus is paired with juicy pork belly; wild greens plump out soft ravioli pillows and rabbit – a common kitchen staple – is served with a feisty chilli pepper sauce. Most vegetables, herbs and edible flowers are cultivated by the restaurant team.

The contemporary seven-course tasting menu changes every two months and dishes are also available à la carte. Sommelier Francisco Salas, who has run the restaurant with his brother since its 2010 opening, confidently juggles a cellar of more than 300 bottles.