Ali Pacha

La Paz

Bolivia’s top spot for plant-based cuisine

Ali Pacha

On the Pass

Sebastián Quiroga

From chef Sebastián Quiroga, who trained at Gustu, the four-time Best Restaurant in Bolivia, Ali Pacha is a pioneer as the country’s first (and only) vegan fine-dining restaurant. It serves an 11-course tasting menu using 100% Bolivian produce such as oca, a colourful Andean tuber, in dishes including marinated seitan (a wheat-based meat substitute) with oca and local chilli. Using quinoa, the chef also plays with techniques to create milk and even mozzarella ‘cheese,’ producing interesting textures and flavours.

A great place to come for cocktails, the restaurant has a small bar serving drinks made entirely from Bolivian liquids, like singani, a local brandy. Quiroga takes sustainability seriously and is focused on educating customers about the provenance of his produce. Ali Pacha translates as ‘plant universe’ in the indigenous Aymara language.


Calle Colon 1306 esquina Potosí, Centro Histórico, La Paz, Bolivia

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