Greek-Mediterranean cuisine by celebrated chef Izu Ani


On the Pass

Izu Ani

Star power: Launched by well-known Dubai-based chef Izu Ani in 2018, Gaia is frequented by many a celebrity – from sheikhs to film stars and more. With a buzzing atmosphere no matter what day of the week, the restaurant oozes a relaxed Mediterranean mood.

What’s the setting? Gaia may be surrounded by many other exquisitely designed restaurants, but its taverna-esque atmosphere with natural white tones paired with monochrome artwork on the walls makes it stand out. With its outdoor seating meant to harken to Grecian islands, guests are guaranteed a good time no matter where they sit.

Ice, ice baby: Don’t miss out on the ice counter, where the fresh catch of the day is laid out. It’s been designed as the restaurant’s showpiece and diners can pick their seafood and how they’d like it to be cooked for a personalised experience.

What’s on the menu? The seafood selection packs a punch, but so does the rest of the menu, from starters all the way to desserts. With everything from simple salads through to the moussaka and baked feta, diners are guaranteed an authentic Greek experience from this homegrown concept – tableside theatre included. Save room for dessert, especially the loukomades and the restaurant’s take on Greek yoghurt.

Global moves: Dubai is not enough for Ani and his business partner in this venture, restaurateur Evgeny Kuzin. Next up are branches in London and Doha, after its first