Tel Aviv

A creative blend of classic Turkish and Persian dishes


On the Pass

Hilel Tavakuli

When Libya met Persia: Chef Hilel Tavakuli grew up in a Jewish Persian-Libyan household, experiencing two cuisines famous for their use of spices. In his restaurant, he combines the flavours of his home, mixed with Mediterranean and Turkish inspiration. The result? Elegant, intelligent dishes with surprising complexity and unexpected combinations.

What’s the vibe? Animar is a casual fine-dining restaurant with large windows giving a panoramic view of the Tel Aviv beach. The music and decor combine in a relatively relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

How does the menu work? Like many Israeli restaurants, Animar is best experienced when the food is shared by all guests at the table. The menu includes dishes of various sizes – from traditional north African and east Mediterranean mezzes and small starters to main courses suitable for three or four diners.

Revised classics: Chef Tavakuli’s dishes beautifully deconstruct Turkish, Persian and North African classics. The Turkish ciğ köfte is not to be missed, which is served as a plateau royale – set on a metal platter and on ice, wrapped in lettuce and topped with grated labneh.


הירקון 87, Retsif Herbert Samuel St 94, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

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