Twins Garden

Moscow, Russia

Superlative home-grown produce presented by Russia’s talented twins

Twins Garden

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Ivan and Sergey Berezutskiy

What’s the concept: After the success of their original restaurant Twins, identical brothers Ivan and Sergey Berezutskiy had a bigger dream: to be able to supply their own produce. Their farm outside Moscow now turns out up to 70% of the ingredients used at Twins Garden, and leftovers are sent back to feed the animals, making this an almost zero-waste operation.

About the menu: Twins Garden offers two tasting experiences – ‘Rediscover Russia’, serving local products from regions across the nation, and ‘Vegetables’, the greens-led menu dedicated to demonstrating the wide potential of vegetables. Both rely heavily on produce from the farm and often include a journey through the restaurant’s extensive wine room (which houses the largest wine list in Russia, with over 1,000 labels), the laboratory and kitchen for different courses. There is also an à la carte menu serving salads of vegetables delivered from the farm that morning, or pumpkin soup with sea urchin caviar and quail’s egg.

Who are the chefs?  Twin brothers, Ivan and Sergey, have been fascinated by gastronomy ever since they could hold knives. After studying together at culinary school, the pair set off on separate paths. Ivan went to Spain, where he worked at El Bulli, and Sergey to USA and the legendary Alinea. When Sergey entered the San Pellegrino Young Chef competition in 2013, Ivan told him that if he won, they should open a restaurant together. He did, so the original Twins was born in 2014, and Twins Garden opened in 2017.

Scientific application: While the 100 hectares of farm in the Yaroslavl region are the Berezutskiy twins’ pride and joy, their second priority is advancement in the laboratory. Twins Garden is at the forefront of technological innovation in Russian gastronomy, having created the first plant-based squid in Russia using a 3D-bioprinter.