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Astrid y Gastón

Lima, Peru


Gastronomic trip down memory lane from the king of Peruvian cuisine

Gastón Acurio is the undisputed king of Peruvian cuisine, revered for elevating the food of South America’s westernmost country to five-star status. His empire stretches throughout South America, and the new palace headquarters are in the historic hacienda of Casa Moreyra, close to his childhood home in the upscale San Isidro district of Lima.

Here Restaurant Astrid y Gastón – overseen by Acurio’s long-time culinary cohort Diego Muñoz – coexists with an à la carte bar-restaurant, an experimental herb garden and a development kitchen whose brief extends to education, resonating with the chef-restaurateur’s Pachacútec Culinary School, located in a deprived area of Lima. The restaurant’s high ceilinged interiors are the epitome of elegant grandeur, the décor minimalist, but the atmosphere never chilly.

The menu is presented in a slender, elegantly bound exercise book with stories relating each dish to a memory of growing up in Peru, and encompassing flavours from every part of this richly diverse country.

A vintage biscuit tin arrives full of the sweet after-school treats of childhood, elevated to haute cuisine with crisp ginger and chicken skin camotitos and delicate Botija olive and anchovy meringue kisses. The nostalgia trip continues with an homage to mashed potato and fried egg, and a tribute to summers at the beach, with vegetable ice, fruits and herbs from the Casa Moreyra garden.

On the pass

  • Head chef Diego Muñoz

Pastry chef

  • Rafael Bautista

Style of food

  • Modern Peruvian

Standout dish

  • Apple ceviche