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Mexico City, Mexico



Running riot with Spanish and Mexican flavours

When two worlds collide, there’s bound to be an explosion. Chefs Mikel Alonso (French by birth but Basque-Mexican by heart) and Bruno Oteiza (from Spain's San Sebastián) fuse native Basque flavours with Mexico’s ingredients; mix in fellow Spaniard Gerard Bellver’s culinary techniques honed at El Bulli with Ferran Adriàn and Biko is a restaurant on another planet.

Nestled above Mexico City’s Presidente Masaryk Avenue in upmarket Polanco, Biko deals in two menus – Lo de hoy (Today) and Lo de antes (Before) – in addition to a carefully paired seven-step tasting option. Indulging contemporary interpretations and traditional Basque fare is the name of the game, and the trio allows its collective creativity to run riot.

Showcasing the best of both Mexico and Spain by combining flavours and textures, Biko presents a dazzling repertoire, while also focusing on fun. Foie gras candy floss and geometrical milk origami break down culinary barriers, for example, while the humble cauliflower is given a new lease of life as a truffled soup topped with radish pickles and olive spheres.

While the adjacent Casa Biko private dining and event space is convivial, the main dining room errs on the minimalist side. As such, the kitchen’s bright and beautiful dishes command the attention they deserve as stars of this galactic culinary show.

On the pass

  • Executive chef Mikel Alonso and head chefs Bruno Oteiza and Gerard Bellver

Pastry chef

  • Patricia Villalobos Acosta

Style of food

  • Spanish and Mexican fusion

Standout dish

  • Foie gras, pineapple and aniseed


  • Presidente Masaryk 407, Miguel Hidalgo, Polanco, 11550 Mexico City
    +52 55 5282 2064
  • http://biko.com.mx/