Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Dharshan Munidasa (pictured) with N.M. Piyatissa

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Standout dish:

Olive oil kake tai cha


11 Galle Face Terrace, Colombo 3

+94 112 323 847

Simple, elegant Sri Lankan ingredients with a Japanese mindset

What’s the concept? Nihonbashi is the flagship Japanese seafood venture of Dharshan Munidasa, whose restaurant Ministry of Crab is also on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list at No.25. After creating the restaurant in his twenties, Munidasa spent more than two decades focusing on making it one of the best Japanese restaurants in the region, creating original dishes using only the finest ingredients.

Food focus: Quality seafood is at the core of Munidasa’s principles, and the chef regularly visits the Negombo fish market in person to select the best of Sri Lanka’s export-quality tuna before it’s shipped to Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji fish market.

What’s in the name? Nihonbashi literally means Japan bridge, reflecting the way Munidasa has applied Sri Lankan ingredients to a Japanese mind set to create an original and unique cuisine.

What to order: Nihonbashi’s menu is extensive, with a la carte options and a range of tasting menus, including a wine degustation. Those with an appetite might choose the eleven-course ‘kawara,’ which includes cold appetisers (edamame, signature maguro carpaccio and sashimi), salmon croquettes, chargrilled yakitori, tempura platter, crab stick temaki, sushi platter and miso soup. The signature ‘olive oil kake tai cha’ is a modern interpretation of a traditional dish with rice, sashimi and hot olive oil instead of hot tea.

What’s the beef? The restaurant prides itself on its Japanese wagyu, with preparations such as ‘shabu shabu,’ the ‘Rolls Royce of all dishes,’ where thinly sliced beef is plunged into a piping hot steam boat before being dipped into a sesame-based sauce.

Images: Studio Fort

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