Da Vittorio


An Italian legend in the heart of Shanghai

Da Vittorio

On the Pass

Stefano Bacchelli

Pastry Chef

Frederic Jaros

What is it about? Opened in May 2019, Da Vittorio is the first restaurant outside Europe by the Italian Cerea family. It retains the style, elegance and attention to detail that made the flagship Da Vittorio (located near Bergamo in northern Italy) a worldwide point of gastronomic reference, and it also brings traditional, homely Italian flavours to a fine dining experience in Shanghai.

Who’s in the kitchen? Executive chef Stefano Bacchelli was born in Massa, Tuscany. He has been working with the Cerea family for nearly a decade and is renowned for his attentive ingredient research and leadership skills.

What’s the vibe? The space is decorated with warm tones of green and wood, contrasted with marble textures. Crystal chandeliers and beautiful stained-glass windows illuminate the dining room, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Shanghai skyline.

A signature with a story: Da Vittorio features a unique dish based on the original cod belly recipe invented by brothers Enrico and Roberto Cerea, which has become a signature at the original restaurant. To make his linguine “amatripesce” with yellow fish maw, Bacchelli selects ten-year fish maw from yellow croakers living in the pristine waters of Fujian province, which has a similar taste to cod belly but with a Chinese twist. Thus, traditional Chinese ingredients meet classic Italian flavours. For the chef, incorporating these ingredients into Western cuisine is a way of honouring tradition and showing respect for local communities.